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Royalty-Free stock photography agency is a powerful Royalty-Free stock photography agency, aiming to supply you with high quality digital images at unbelievable prices. All our stock images are provided by our community's photographers, shot on film or digital and approved by our in-house designers and photographers. acts as an agency providing quality images to professionals of the industry, as well as helping professional or amateur photographers sell their portfolio online. They do not require exclusivity for the images you upload, but each uploaded image becomes subject to their terms and conditions, and you must own the rights for each image you upload to their database.

Starting September 2006, Dreamstime is a member of PACA (Picture Archive Council of America), the trade association for stock agencies in United States.


+ no photos to approve, after uploading ID you can start upload
+ you get your own FTP upload account
+ for each transaction, the photographer receives a 50 percent fee
+ as soon as a specific file reaches 100 downloads, it automatically becomes a 2nd level file. In a similar way, as soon as the file has 500 downloads it becomes a 3rd level file. This approach is intended to give an equal chance to all files in the very beginning. It is also a way to encourage good shots that have less downloads, against other similar shots that have many downloads.
+ photographer may request to be paid for his/her sales as soon as the balance has reached $100
+ the currently send payments by bank check, Paypal or Moneybookers.
+ starting from minimum file size accepted 3 MPix


- took longer to sell first photo but then OK
- only JPG / RGB
- minimum file size accepted is 3 MPix
- There is a limit to the number of images submitted per day:
* Users with an approval percentage higher than 60% can upload the maximum amount of images and can use the FTP feature. This applies for the first 100 submissions if you're a new photographer. * Users with an approval percentage of between 50-60% can upload the maximum amount of images and can use the FTP feature.
* Users with an approval percentage of between 30-50% can upload half of the maximum amount of images and can use the FTP feature.
* Users with an approval percentage of between 0-30% can upload a quarter of the maximum amount of images and cannot use the FTP feature.

Sample Credit Download Calculation:

For each transaction, the photographer receives a 50 percent fee. Exclusive images receive a 60 percent fee, while exclusive photographers enjoy an additional bonus of $0.20 for each approved submission. Considering all bonuses that are awarded to the buyer, the actual royalties can reach up to 80% or more.

How to pass succesfully the entry test on Dreamstime ?

Your first step in selling your images is to register to the site, which you can do for free on the Register page. Then go to the Upload Files option, under the Photographers tab.

Let your photos earn money for you

iStock photo is the world's preeminent collection of member-generated royalty-free images, at the world's best prices. There are no subscription fees or extra costs. Just the best Stock Photography, Vector illustrations, and Videos, at prices for everyone..

iStockphoto works on a system of micro-payments, which allow you to purchase images in quantity. Images cost between 1 to 15 credits per download, depending on the file type and image size.

My personal opinion is that this is one of the best photobanks for non-professional photographer to earn some money.

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The largest subscription-based stock photo agency

Shutterstock is the largest subscription-based stock photo agency in the world. Our outstanding collection of premium, royalty-free images grows every day, with photographs, illustrations, and vectors you won't find any where else. Sign up for a cost-effective subscription plan and download 25 images every day (that's 750 each month!) with no hidden costs.

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A Consumer review website

Dooyoo is a Consumer review site used to pays up to 60 p for each product review you write, the amount depends on the product's category. For many electonics, it's 60p, but for others, such as food and drink it's only 10p. see a full list, the review needs to be at least 150 words long.Once you've clocked up Ł20, you can convert into a Ł20 Amazon voucher. Alternatively, wait till you hit Ł50 for a cash cheque. Dedicated reviewers make bundles of cash.

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A community website

Squidoo is a community website that allows users to create pages (called lenses) for subjects of interest. Squidoo is in the top 100 most visited sites in the US. Squidoo grew 91% in 2008, and had 1.5 million handbuilt lenses as of October, 2010.

Share the knowledge: When you know a lot about something, it feels good to share. Help other people discover what you found out the hard way.

Increase your profile: A popular lens gives credibility to the Lensmaster. A popular lens reinforces your role as an "everyday expert." And a popular lens makes you the go-to authority for those looking for help.

Increase your traffic: Your lens points (if you want it to) to your blog and to your website. Lenses have huge credibility with search engines, so your lens can help your other sites rise to the top of Google searches.

Earn a royalty for you, your organization, or your favorite charity. Think of the royalty as a bonus and don't quit your day job yet! A single lens might not earn a lot, but if you imagine hundreds of lenses working to your favor, or fundraising for a charity, it can really start to add up.